All the news from Great Stave Sep. 2020



In Memoriam. We are sad to announce the recent death of Geoff Reiss, a partner in the musical The Vegan Vampire. Geoff was a giant in the field of project management and an outstanding wordsmith. We hope that the first performance of The Vegan Vampire will be dedicated to his memory.


Several full length pieces of John Bartlett's organ, piano and vocal music have been placed on YouTube. Click on the image opposite for playlists. Currently, The Admiral's March, Adagio espressivo and Elegy for organ are loaded,  The Sunken Garden for piano, the songs Sky and Reflections and the musical number Too Hot!


Four Bagatelles is an organ transcription by John Bartlett of piano music by the Norwegian composer Signe Lund-Skabo that reflects traditional folk dances. These four delightful pieces are from the Op.15 suite of Little Norwegian Pieces. Click on the image for details. As the original piano pieces are now out-of-print, Great Stave has reproduced them and they are available from this site. A Norwegian language version and a transcription by John for organ are also available. See the piano and the organ sections.




The Liechtenstein Suite for Piano and Orchestra has finally been completed with the addition of a third piece. It is scored for a moderate sized orchestra of strings, brass, woodwind and percussion, including harp, piano and in one piece, organ. All three pieces may also be played as individual works. Click on the image opposite for details.




Labyrinth is a new exciting piano piece from John Bartlett, which will test speed and dexterity. The pianist needs to reach the centre of the labyrinth in a set time, but there are several back-tracks that need to be taken.


John Bartlett has produced a new work for clarinet and piano entitled Andantino. A version is also available for violin and piano, with minor adjustments for the violin's wider range. Click on the image opposite for details.


This year is the 75th. anniversary of The National Trust's acquisition of Hatchlands Park. In celebration of this achievement John Bartlett has written a march for the Walker Organ in the Music Room. Entitled The Admiral's March the sheet music is available now from either the organ section of this site or the house shop. All sales will go towards the refurbishment fund for the Walker organ.  A full recording may be heard on the YouTube site (see above). A piano version is also available. See the piano section of this site.

The house will re-open on 15th. september and John will be playing the Walker organ again for the remainder of the house open season, which ends October 31st. Note that house open times have been extended from 12pm to 4.30pm.

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