The Manor of Stratford - Two Gates

The Manor of Stratford is approximately 256 acres, most of which is now covered by a modern housing estate, constructed in 2014. The eastern boundary along Watling Street is at Two Gates, a name that was not known until about 1822, when it was shown on C&J Greenwood's Map of the County of Warwick. The latest mention of Stratford on a map is 1832 (as Stretford), though the Ordnance Survey have now resurrected its appearance on their latest large scale mapping. Although Stratford was in Warwickshire and a suburb of the eastern side of Tamworth, it became part of Staffordshire in 1889, when a boundary change brought all of Tamworth into Staffordshire.



Letter 1401 from Thomas Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick to Henry Monmouth, Prince of Wales, referring to the manor of Stretford-juxta-Tamworth (line 8). The letter, in Medieval French, acknowledges the receipt of Letters Patent granting manors, rents and other lands and tenements, enfoeffed in Warwickshire and Staffordshire.