Organ Music

Two volumes of organ music are available ranging from elementary difficulty to advanced. There are some pieces that may be used as part of a church service and some for recital. All are written for organs with a variety of manuals.

Volume 1 contains Woodcote, Exeunt for a Winter's Day, Elegy, Crowning Achievement, Golgotha, Lift Up Your Hearts, Crown Imperial March and Festive Exeunt. Volume 2 contains Moon & Sun, The Admiral's March and Adagio espressivo.

Details of each piece are given below. The Admiral's March, Adagio espressivo and Four Bagatelles are detailed in separate pages in the Organ Works section.


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Crowning Achievement is suitable as a church service exeunt and was written to celebrate the installation of the large Frobenius organ in the parish church of Kingston-upon-Thames. An extract is shown below, with soundbite above.


extract of Crowning Achievement


Woodcote is a lyrical piece of moderate difficulty. It is a remembrance of church services in the 1950s at St. Mark's, Woodcote, near Purley in Surrey. Listen to an extract here:


Elegy is a reflective piece of moderate to advanced difficulty which utilises a harmonic progression similar to Woodcote.                                          Listen to an extract here:


Exeunt for a Winter's Day is a rousing church service exeunt of moderate difficulty.


Golgotha is a piece for passiontide, which is advanced in difficulty. It explores both the loud and very soft tonal ranges of the organ. Listen to an extract here:


Lift Up Your Hearts is a postlude of moderate difficulty and is based on the hymn tune Woodlands.


Crown Imperial March is the central march theme from William Walton's famous piece of the same name. It is very suitable as an entry piece for a wedding, particularly where the aisle is of short length.


Festive Exeunt is a church service exeunt which complements John Bartlett's Festive Introit choral piece.


Moon and Sun is a short piece adapted from John Bartlett's song cycle Messages from Distant Shores. It is suitable for use as an interlude or prelude in a church service or recital. It comprises a simple contrasting theme of question and answer evoking the words moon and sun.